• Honey 2 lb jar


    2 lb jar Pure, raw, unfiltered, never heated honey from Funny Farm in the Town of Corfu in Western New York. Depending on time of year and availability I have several kinds of honey. All are raw & unheated. Generally my local honey, 1 type is more golden, liquid the other is the firm, hard, buttery type, what I refer to as really raw. The really raw honey is the one hardcore honey enthusiasts seek out. The golden is the more "common" type that people think of or are used to seeing. 

    I also occasionally have specialty types of honey, such as Orange Blossom Honey. BEE sure to check back from time to ti

    I am in upstate New York. My bees do not produce honey year round due to our long, cold winters. My farm is small but growing so my honey supply is limited and I do run out from time to time, especially mid to late winter. Once the bees start producing again we can restock.