From the Hive


Thank you also for your continued support. Without you, Funny Farm does not go on. I am open for business. I am the only person working and have safety procedures in place. My inventory is limited temporarily as I am not in production right now due to the crisis. Also, I can not get all of my supplies right now or they are delayed and backordered. Some items I am allowing backordering in the system if I believe I can fill those orders in a reasonable time. The other items that are out of stock and not allowing backordering will most likely be back, however, it could take a while. If there is something in particular you need or want to inquire about, please email me directly at 
Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time while we all work through this. I will help in anyway I can. Be smart. Stay Safe. God bless.

Raw honey, natural health and beauty products for a more beautiful you, inside and out.


Raw, unfiltered, unheated honey

Natural beeswax & honey based lip balm (5 different lines and formulas)

Pure, natural skin care created with ingredients from our beehives and nature